Featured Work | July 30, 2019

‘7/24/2018’ | islandofcomplexity | Poetry

To you I am just a bag of bones 
Wrapped up in porcelain skin 
I may be the portrait of your highest coveted trophy
To you I am just flesh to be possessed
But to me you were my greatest gift
And when I held you, you were more than just a beating heart
More than just another heat source
And when I touched you, you set my soul ablaze
But now I know that when you looked into my eyes you never saw that fire
And when I looked into yours I should have seen the inferno

‘7/26/2019’ | islandofcomplexity | Poetry

I grew up being torn between two homes
Switching masks for mom and dad 
Being pulled in either direction to fit an idealized mold
Until I dropped the charade 
But only mom was left standing with arms wide open of acceptance

‘7/29/2019’ | islandofcomplexity | Poetry

Mom always said,
“Don’t ever give them the satisfaction of seeing you cry”
I swore I’d take that to the grave 
And the first time you saw me cry I felt so ashamed
But I don’t want a heart of stone 

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