Featured Work | August 26, 2019

'One Day' | ifrahs_poetry | Poetry She was trapped in her own fairytale She Believed that one day her happily after would come ONE dayBut It didn’t All she did was believe About her futureHer plans didn’t change from I will be happy to I’m starting to be happyI will work hard toI’m starting to work HardNot working and but still [...]

Featured Work | August 25, 2019

'Moments' | micalawest | Poetry Do you remember when moments held you captive? The special thing about those moments was that they could last forever. When your mind was pure, when your hands were still small.I remember I used to get lost into the silken pages of my favorite books.When the world hadn’t scathed me, I could [...]

Featured Work | August 24, 2019

'Ropes' | rodentonthewheel | Poetry There are ropes inside my headThat reach my throat,Choke me with the threadof thought, of possibility,and of dread.They intertwine - one leads to anotherand the grip tightens,I am smothereduntil my cheeks are robbedof their colorand I am suffocating. 

Featured Work | August 23, 2019

'Chances Are' | the.red.rose.poet | Poetry Kiss my handWhen you meet me,Call me darlingWhen you greet me,And chances are,My heart is yours.

Featured Work | August 22, 2019

MYTHS | breaking.the.belief | Poetry MYTH: Children who are abused will become abusersThey tell me I look like him, that my eyes echo his existence and that he grows upon my brain like weaving jasmine. But I hug my mother with kindness, and I sing my sister to sleep, spilling melodies he could not hear. [...]

Featured Work | August 21, 2019

'Full Time Contract' and 'Save The Paper' | r.burlepoetry | Poetry I left a hole in the middle of myself,I Gave you a contract to fill it,When really, I should’ve gone self-employed.- Full Time ContractYou could re-name the self help section:{INSERT NAME HERE}(Don’t worry – this one’s just between us)The answers aren’t in the books.They’re [...]

Featured Work | August 19, 2019

'Purple Sun' | unreadablescott | Poetry It all begins in chaosThe tuning of an orchestraEach instrument playing its own songThe shambles before the melodyNo whisper of the beauty to comeTransformed when in harmonyThe many creating one pieceAscending into MajestyA soul conceived from nothingnessA dream borne from wakefulnessThe power of creation evidenced in every notesmw

Featured Work | August 15, 2019

Pieces 2 and 4 | layiba_writes | Prose, Poetry Piece 2 "From a young age, we see so many failed marriages or relationships around us, we often see so many couples just “settling in” or “trying” to make their relationships work that we are convinced at a point that this is probably just how they [...]

Featured Work | August 14, 2019

'Untitled' | danielleholian_ | Poetry You spoke to me in low whispers Things too quiet that went unheard, sometimes I began to ignore the truth So it tangled itself in my heart, soul, and mind It crawled under my skin Reaching for depth You disguised your abusive outbursts As reactions to my kindness and generosity [...]

Featured Work | August 13, 2019

'Cold Coffee Compunctions' | kaleido_peace | Poetry While the water boils I think about how I once had a flaming love that burned  But I blew it like the coffee I just made By now I have learned that the only place Colder than the shoulder Of someone who doesn't miss you Is the other [...]