Featured Work | August 2, 2019

‘Untitled’ | miserable_gloomy_one | Poetry

Mountains of agony, I bear in Your love now, come what may
The luxuries of life, I forsake now, come what may

In the fervor of love, the threads of being seared
Oh doctor, don’t touch a patient like me,
Leave it for God; for God’s sake come what may

Leave the tree of reason, enter the tavern of love
From chalice of annihilation and self-effacement, drink now, come what may

The pangs of separation, I bared before the Beloved
With a smile of pride and elegance said, “let it be”

In the mirage of this body, one dark night after another passes by
When finally the dawn arrives, be ready to step forward, come what may!

I care not about the good or bad of this world 
One who has gone beyond the self, did what he did
come what may!

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