Featured Work | August 15, 2019

Pieces 2 and 4 | layiba_writes | Prose, Poetry

Piece 2

From a young age, we see so many failed marriages or relationships around us, we often see so many couples just “settling in” or “trying” to make their relationships work that we are convinced at a point that this is probably just how they work, so we do the same. We choose to settle in and struggle to make our relationships work with people who we aren’t happy with, who are not the right ones for us. The truth is that our bad experiences and the bad examples around us make us believe that love is only in the movies or in fairytales and that it doesn’t exist and that real life relationships work differently or that they’re meant to hurt us when actually this is far from reality. We just need to wait for the right time and for the right person to come along, we need to wait till we find someone our souls connect with, someone who our mindsets match with, someone who makes us happy and someone whose happiness actually means to us, someone who loves us wholeheartedly and someone who isn’t afraid of sharing their life with us, someone who we would happily share our lives with, someone who loves us with all our flaws and imperfections. We need to stop settling in for less than what we think we deserve. We deserve love, commitment and happiness. Your partner is meant to help you grow and make this journey of life more beautiful for you, your partner is supposed to stay by your side on all the good and bad days in life. We need to stop struggling with toxic relationships and wait for the right person.

Piece 4

You came in 
Like a ray
of hope, 

You made your
Way into 
My soul, 

Your light 
My days,

You lit a fire
my heart,

From a distance 
You touched every inch
my body,

You awakened the emotions 
buried within
my being,

You enlightened me 
on the beauty of

You taught me
the art of
passionate love,

You came in like 
A ray of hope.

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