Featured Work | August 26, 2019

‘One Day’ | ifrahs_poetry | Poetry

She was trapped in her own fairytale 
She Believed that one day her happily after would come 
ONE day

But It didn’t 
All she did was believe 
About her future
Her plans didn’t change from 
I will be happy to 
I’m starting to be happy

I will work hard to
I’m starting to work Hard
Not working and but still believing 
Is like hoping the clouds will write your name in the Sky

Trapped in her own fantasy 
She never worked towards it
And never realized how far she had come
Without doing anything to have her happily ever after that ONE day

Her Future never became her present 
Her planning stayed as To do
Her dreams were left as dreams
And Goals were left as Goals

But U can Change 

Its never too late to start working on your dreams… Remember time waits for no one. you have to make your ‘One Day’ Yours

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