The Heights | June 8, 2020

Feature of the Day | @c.rpoetry

Of all the million words to say, I could but utter none.
It was love that kept me alive, breathing, human.
It was the resentment and loathing that bound me to the earth.
But after all, came the emptiness, the void that only a demon calls her soul.
Crawling out of that wretched hole, now I feel no hurt, no sorrow.
Unleashing a bounty of emotionless horror, I rip out the hearts I once loved.
Readying them for what comes after, for what lays in the tomb.
My body may still writhe, intact in this meaningless existence,
But, let it be known that my casket is weighed down.
That the wretched hole still contains what I served from my entity,
The suffocating remains of the soul that once, could ache, could love, could heal.
Of all the millions of emotions to feel, I can now but discern none.

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