The Heights | June 15, 2020

Feature of the Day | @poetsregiment

“And then someday when I really did own a submarine, 
I would  dive deep down into the  turquoise waters of great Amazon, 
After covering few miles underwater 
The very first underwater creatures that I would encounter would be the colorful cichlids, leading to the shoal of very rare red piranhas mightier than the cichlids  
I know it would be a mesmerising view which I had yearned for years 
but soon the nature lover in me would transform into wild beast,  
The wild beast will outwit the nature lover in me, 
I’d soon be overtaken by the thoughts fantasizing the rare red piranhas into delicious meal I wouldn’t be thinking twice to disturb the uniformity of colourful cichlids.
Soon I would have to resort to one thing either aesthetics or listen to the lusty tongue 
If i choose aesthetics i would have to upset my 
my platter made up of toquilla palms  which crave for these wild rare  fishes to be presented along with salad of  yucca roots for the feast 
So i would  have  resorted to fulfill desires of my  lusty tongue already 
I might  have resorted to the aesthetics instead  if i haven’t poked my eyes on the rare red piranhas, “I’m a non vegetarian first, then a nature lover” I constantly reminded myself .
I would throw a  net and looking at the number of fishes trapped in at one stretch,
My tummy would have already started growling  and my fingers running out of dishes, I could think of making out of them.

I would want these fishes in my tummy before i  endup being prey in the  gigantic predator’s tummy  by the time I reach the shore .

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