Ambient Heights: A Collective Anthology

A. I. Myles || Honey Moon

Aafsheen Al Islam || The Wilted Bride

Agustin Rios || 3 A.M; The House in the Woods

Alexandra Lin || Finding Love on Vacation

Amalbu Ruun || Caution To The Wind; Lone Ranger…

Amanda Spring || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three

Amy Littleford || Tell Him; Window Pain

Anais Osipova || 5/27/2019; 7/29/2019; 12/14/2016

Danielle Holian || Untitled

Emily McEntire || Sleep Paralysis; Square Pegged Afflictions; The Journey Begins

Fatima Abdallah || Burn; Descent

Frank Wilson || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two

Gönul Mustafa || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three

Ifrah Shareef || Moonlight

Ivy || 3rd Degree.; Dating Phases.; What They Say.

J.B. Hayward || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three

Kaleido || Cold Coffee Compunctions; Ivy; Nostalgia; Someone Else; Two-Headed Snake

Kay Jones || A Trip to Purgatory; Cast Away; Endgame (For You)

Kay Nisa || Emotion; Running My Fingers Through Your Hair; Toxic Waste; Untitled

Layiba Khan || A Glimpse; Only You Have This Magical Power; The Darkness Within Us

Lev Lyonne || Fallen God

Maariya Musa || Broken; Perspective

Mariah Faith || The Old Haunt; You And You

McShane Douglas || Pill Bottle; Who, What, Where, When, and Sometimes How

Meet Jain || This Cruel World; Wish… I Could

Melanee Morin || As Above, Not So Below; Patrol and Control; Purgatory; Swallowing Shadows (Meditation on the timing of one’s death)

Micala West || Moments

Michelle Fernandes || Are serial killers a dying breed?; Revolving Planets; The Most Serene Place on Earth

Mister_Meanin || Holding A Knife; Quote 2; Quote 3; Untitled

Mohammed Rehan || Untitled, Two; Untitled, Six

Molly Gentzsch || Untitled

More Than Just A Tinder Girl || It Knows My Name

Mullany Shayna || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three

Myka Kandaké || Elemental Alacrity; Minstel is a Blindfold; Mismatch; These Wings

PAARIJAAT || Insomnia, and I; To Love, with Love

R. Burle || -; —; —-; ——

Rebecca Lynn Schultz || A kiss is not just a kiss for them; Untitled

Riya M. Cyriac || The Moon and Her Children; Yonder Lies the Sunrays

Rumillenial Poetry || Feel Like A Tree

S.M. Vare || 287g; Free Spirited Woman

Saba Khanum || Schadenfreude; You’re Immortal, When You’re A Solider

Samantha Michelle Wallace || Broken Lady Bird; The Dragon; Together

Sanya Ambastha || Heart; Myths Reinterpreted

Scott Wierzbicki || Purple Sun; The Osmosis of you into You

Sevilocks || Untitled

Sharon Andrews || Asthma; City Sirens; Cut Brakes

Shee || Maybe

Sonal Chhibber || If

Sonam Arora || As Ice As Fire; Not Today

Souls || Hunger, Lust, and Everything in Between

Stacy Coventry || Love and Photosynthesis

Tanvi Jain || Untitled

Taryn Markle || Family; Notice; Ode to Cantu Curl Activator Hair Cream; Resolution; Your Fate

Taylor S. Norman || I Recognize

Tebbie || Untitled, One; Untitled; Two

The Gold Collective Series || Weary Eyes

The Red Rose Poet || Burning Heart; Chances Are; When the Day Met The Night

Zoey R. Collea || 3 a.m. kitchen dance; You & I