Misplaced Devotion: Works About Love

Kay Nisa || Star Crossed

Saba Khanum || Only If You Could Understand What I Mean

Diya and Ritu Gangadhara || To My Fake Lover

Meet Jain || Dear Someone

R. Burle || The Process, The Equation of the Missing Smile, –

PAARIJAAT || Chance Encounter

Fatima Abdallah || Stained

Ifrah Shareef || One Day, A Lost Friendship

Rumillenial Poetry || Rain

Samantha Michelle Wallace || Unraveling, Fumes, Exhaustion

Kay Jones || Shell

Mullany Shayna || Untitled, Love Languages, the way you say my name, apocalypse, _maybe_

Sevilocks || Untitled

McShane Douglas || H8

Amanda Spring || Untitled, Two; Untitled, Four; Untitled, Five; Untitled, September 6; Short Story One, Untitled; Short Story Two, Untitled; Short Story Three, Untitled

J.B. Hayward || Untitled, Four; Untitled, Five; Untitled, Six

Ourticles || Dear My Boyfriend’s Mother

A.I. Myles || Measuring Time, Sea of Love, Ash, The Curator

Jo Underwood || Red, Pleasure Doing Business, The Human Giving Tree

Wesley Parker | Prodigal Son

Myka Kandake || Bequest, Nourished Anew, Hating Love, Why Are You Afraid to Cry, Love?, Shoot

Sonam Arora || Not the One, Thank Thy Redeemer

Hiral Patadia || Sharing the Differnt Points of Perception That POP Up In My Mind

Charlene Rosario || Their Laughter; Temporary, Untitled, One; Untitled, Two

Anais Osipova || 7/24/2018, 12/5/2015, 8/9/2019, 8/12/2019, 8/17/2019

Georgina Melendez || Exit Signs, Things I’m Good At

Anjali Sethi || Bittersweet Remnants, Her Departure, Simplistic Love, Mourning Love, Hypnotic Dreams, How Do I Love This Country?, Lovingly

Aalia Liaquat || The Orison, Untitled, Relentless Fantasy

Reena Doss || Obstacles Unraveling

Mister_Meanin || ECE Love

Tanishka Maurya || A Letter to Myself, I Let You Go, How Do I Tell You Ma?

Meghaswana Mahapatra || Stay

Alicia || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three; Untitled, Four

TWTME || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three

Zain || Untitled

Ana Anne || Star Alignment

Taylor S. Norman || Love is Love

Pritha Jain | Love

Olivia Tibbetts || Butterflies, A Wonderful Thing

Amorie Poetry || Untitled, One; Guessing Game

Lev Lyonne || Of Chaos and Carousels

Kylie Merlin || When

Swell Versed || Opposites: A Tract

Sicario Ruun || Self Defense, Man Looking For Her Dream, EVOL

Amy Littleford || A Perfect Dream, Again and Again, Our Last Encounter

Elizabeth || Dead Butterfly, Treasure, Unloving

Tanvi Jain (Rustpad) || Disloyal Love

The Red Rose Poet || Blue Eyed Sunray, Every Cliche, Open Sea, The Birds and I, Sipping Addictions

Scott Wierzbicki || X-Ray

Kaleido || Rooftop, 17 February 2018; Sun and Luna; First Love; 23 : 02; Bedroom, 9 March 2019

Molly Gentzsch || For Kris, Red Jars, Number One

Bisma Ansari || Will You…?, Confession

Madalina Schiopu || Marrow Pain

Tamy Ziltener || After All, Iceberg, In Between, The Reason, Without You

Amalsthought || The Vow, Flash, Take The Pieces, Hunted By Disappearance, It’s Coming

Crystal Rose || Desire, Mermaids Cry

♡athy || He Wasn’t, Golden Repair

TheWordofGabriel || Together Unrequited

Elizabeth Brandis || The VHS player is permanently stuck on rewind, She dared him to come and be with her forever

sandrajournals || Fairy tale bullshit, Kalopsic, Johnnie Walker, Bitter Sweet Memory, Missing Him, Pay Checks

Agustin Rios || Possession

Sanya Ambastha || D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N, Reincarnation

Taylor Lutka || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two; Untitled, Three; Untitled, Four; Untitled, Five; Untitled, Six; Untitled, Seven; Untitled, Eight

Devika Mathur || Revive

Taryn Markle || Forest Fires, I Ran Away From You, Untitled

Jamilah Harris || Dancing in the Rain

C.J Ramsey || My First

Km Otis || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two

Dreadful Artist || Your Garden

Michael J. Dennis || Mislead Devotion, Misguided Devotion, Misplaced Devotion

Osanna Lau || Water, Fake Friends, The Moon, Ad, Map, Sunflower, Crescents, I will not get hurt this time

Bismah || Into the Mist, The World of Doom, A Call for Help

Fatima Raza || This Girl, Her Wandering Eyes, An ODE to HER

J. Oscar || Recipe for Disaster, Instinct

EG Tudor || My Love

Emily McEntire || She Moves, The Muse

Sharon Andrews || undone, windfall

Danielle Holian || Lies Inevitably Arise Misery

Grace Stevenson || Untitled

Alexandra Lin || Take Me Back

More Than Just a Tinder Girl || Gestalt, Pride, Mr Hyde, Homeless, Icarus Hearts, Beautiful Chaos

Sonal Chhibber || Strength, Story of our life…, Believe In Yourself, Good Friends…, Stay Positive…!!!

Alias Jane || Me and You, The Raven and Me, To: The Thief of My Heartbeats, Beautiful You

Kelsea Pernsteiner || Telescopes, Untitled

Idris Malik || A Confodere by Your Confidant, I Will Sock Your Jaw

Gonul Mustafa || Untitled, One; Untitled, Two

Julianne Keber || Dreams, Angel v. Devil, Seasons, Open Up

K.jmawji || You & I

Anna Douglas || The Breaking of a Heart, Meant to Be, Once, Lullabies, The Power of Love

sht || Giver, Life in Pink

AJ || Burnt Promises, I Love My Body, I’m Fine, Giving in to Bliss

Vaishali Rokde || Together Forever No Matter What

Colleen Tubungan || Locked Out, Sweet Toxicity, From Yellow to Red, Railway Stations, I Don’t Know Your Name Anymore

Mariah Faith || Vowels

Trent Juarez || Lucid Dream

Riya M. Cyriac || Lungs of Love