The Epilogue in Misplaced Devotion: Works About Love

Ifrah Shareef || I’m Not Okay

Anjali Sethi || Rise

Fatima Raza || Depression is not just a phase.

Km Otis || Dust

The Red Rose Poet | Pins, Rooftop, Pins in my Hands

Kelsea Pensteiner || Sunday Worship, Wishes, The Lion

Aira Fullon || My Favorite Portrait of You

Scott Wierzbicki || Acquiescence

Kate Spirduso || Poem 5, Your Porch, Closure, Sing Me To Sleep, Don’t You Love Her

Nicole Senese || Bad Liar

Nishita Sharma || The Scar Which You Gave

Myka Kandake || When I Have Him, Sad I Am Awake, The Ambassador, When Nothing Moves Forward, Can Be Free

Karri Ehrhart || Body of Apologies

More Than Just a Tinder Girl || Flight

Hareeba || Red Roses and Her, Your Colors

Ahti__writes || Untitled

Ryan Griffin and Sally Jane || Untitled

Sonal Chhibber || Mental Health is the Need of the Hour; Don’t Judge, Just Understand

Alias Jane || Blood

Julianne Keber || Silly Boy, Paper Canvases

Kashish Lewis || Untitled, Look Again

Ryan Du | Body, If You Would Be Mine, Logic

Samantha Michelle Wallace || Barbed Wire Brain

Ana Anne || For Our Fallen Soldiers

Molly Gentzsch || The War

Kristine Wulf || Finding Me; The Light; On Loss and Life, A Short Poem, Remembering You, Good Morning My Love

Jo Underwood || Fight, Flight, Freeze; Breathe Again