I want to submit a piece for consideration. How do I go about this?
May 20, 2020: We do not have any anthologies in progress at this time and are not currently accepting submissions.
Thank you for your consideration of submitting your work to Ambient Heights! Please visit the ‘Submissions’ page to learn more about submitting your work (click here to be redirected to the Submissions page).

How do I know if my submission has been selected?
If your submission has been selected, you will receive an email from teamahpublishing@gmail.com.

I want to withdraw my submission. How do I do this?
No worries! Please send an email to teamahpublishing@gmail.com with your name and the title(s) of your submission that you would like to withdraw.

Can I use a pen name/alias?
Absolutely! When you are submitting your work, please use the name you wish to be published under.

Do published works receive payment?
Unfortunately, Ambient Heights is unable to pay their writers at this time. In turn, we do not charge a submission fee.

Can I list my publication on my resume?
Yes! Please feel free to list your publication on your resume, LinkedIn, social media, etc. If you need a letter verifying your publication for any reason, please send an email to teamahpublishing@gmail.com.