Featured Work | August 12, 2019

'Your Fate' | taryntaffywrites | Poetry MilesMiles of walking with no destinationI took your handAnd prepared for retributionYou pulled me backBut I pulled you furtherBecause you painted me blackWhen I wanted colorSo I took up a brushAnd painted in redYou quickly went hushAs I split open your headIt was a job I didn’t want to [...]

Featured Work | August 11, 2019

'Prole Parade' | emilyshotgun | Poetry Proletariat hustle fueled by blood, sweat, and muscle, fist over wage, make the rich man’s wallet bustle. A blue collared noose, worth and freedom reduced, to a time clock rendition of a life left unused. Slaves to the cause, of production driven jaws, that consume hope and shit out [...]

Featured Work | August 10, 2019

'Caution to the Wind' | sicario_ruun | Poetry Caution to the wind, I'm a mountain within, To pressures I will not give in, To my battles I will always win, And no matter how difficult things may seem, I'm king and I will always reign supreme.

Featured Work | August 9, 2019

'Wish... I Could' | its.meetjain | Poetry Life for me has become a burden, I have started to see darkness in the sun. My days are filled with never ending sorrow, In the nights I stay awake thinking of a miserable tomorrow!! I have been betrayed times too many, And now I’m left with nothing [...]

Featured Work | August 6, 2019

'Untitled' | eristotlepoetry | Poetry When life hitsIt hits hardChipping awayCreating scarsBut it's up to youTo stay fallen apartOr pick up the masterpieceOf your mosaic heart

Featured Work | August 5, 2019

'mRNA' | Ivy | Poetry We create the image That goes out there To billions Which is exactly why People lie With roots of dissatisfaction We're dying trees -Ivy.

Featured Work | August 4, 2019

'Pill Bottle' | mcshanewrites | Poetry And I put the bottle back in its box  As to not disturb the peace  Of those around me Of those in the bottle  Of those within myself By the unsightliness  Of my willingness,  Or lack thereof,  To reverse the hell I put myself through But each time I [...]

Featured Work | August 3, 2019

'don't make me fall in love with you' | silaspoetry | Poetry Please don't do that to me. Please don't talk to meall day and all night, up until three a.m. then leaveme with nothing but soft whispers of you. Pleasedon't touch every place of my mind, thendisappear without a trace of you. Please don't [...]

Featured Work | August 2, 2019

'Untitled' | miserable_gloomy_one | Poetry Mountains of agony, I bear in Your love now, come what mayThe luxuries of life, I forsake now, come what mayIn the fervor of love, the threads of being searedOh doctor, don’t touch a patient like me,Leave it for God; for God's sake come what mayLeave the tree of reason, [...]

Featured Work | August 1, 2019

'From Dusk till Dawn' | poetsregiment | Poetry His Eyes dipped in wine of emotionsConvincing me to dwell in his tempting smileTo the music played from the gramophonebeneath the windowWe grooved the floor with a salsaHand in HandFelt like I'm a part of DisneylandTo the every beatI felt the growing heatBeing stripped, we tripped onto [...]