Featured Work | August 3, 2019

‘don’t make me fall in love with you’ | silaspoetry | Poetry

Please don’t do that to me. Please don’t talk to me
all day and all night, up until three a.m. then leave
me with nothing but soft whispers of you. Please
don’t touch every place of my mind, then
disappear without a trace of you. Please don’t look
me in the eye, because I’ll process every colour that
is in those irises and I’ll then begin to look for that
same colour in everyone else once you go. Please
don’t hold my hand, and call me baby, because
I’ll never be the same. I’ll miss the feeling of your
hand in mine, and your husky deep voice that
slipped off your tongue so perfectly. Please don’t
watch the sunsets with me because when you
leave, I’ll be left with screaming thoughts of you
and how you pulled me closer to your large frame
once I started to shiver. Just… please don’t do that.
Please don’t make me fall in love with you.

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